Learn more about the best tool for diagnosing subclinical Staphylococcus aureus mastitis. The StaphGold™ ELISA test allows timely and accurate detection of subclinical S. aureus mastitis using routine herd testing samples. The ideal choice for any laboratories testing individual pooled-quarter milk samples.

Dairy Farmers - Sophie Greig & Owen Greig

Dairy Farmer - Chris Sutton

Dairy Farmer - Jared Whittfield

The Hidden Cost of Subclinical Mastitis

Farmers and Vets

Learn how much mastitis costs the dairy industry each year, plus how financial and animal health impacts from subclinical contagious mastitis can be reduced by using the StaphGold™ ELISA test. Discover how the cost-effective test provides accurate new information for farmers and vets to make better decisions that reduce the spread of infection, resulting in higher milk production, and helping to keep bulk milk SCC levels low.

Herd Testing and Dairy Laboratories

Learn how the StaphGold™ ELISA test detects Staphyloccocus aureus-positive animals and how it is especially suitable for recognising chronic and subclinical infections in pooled-quarter milk samples with a high somatic cell count. Understand the benefits for herd testing laboratories that adopt the test, such as generating new revenue from existing milk samples, high throughput and easily integrated technology, and why it can detect non-shedding animals where other tests can fail.

Introduction to Koru Diagnostics

Discover how the StaphGold™ ELISA test detects subclinical mastitis via routine herd testing samples. Learn why it is poised to become an important, proactive, mastitis management tool for dairy farmers around the world.


Learn what drove Koru Diagnostics to develop the StaphGold™ ELISA test and how a two-year trial with a large herd testing company was part of the test’s evolution. Understand the test’s impressive diagnostic sensitivity and accuracy metrics, how it helps identify and prevent the spread of contagious mastitis, and increases herd productivity and health.

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