Spend a little, save a lot – 5 ways StaphGold® can improve your farm revenue

1. Finding subclinical Staph cows early and taking immediate action helps minimise spread to other cows and the subsequent loss of milk production over the rest of the lactation.

2. Knowing the Staph status of your herd enables informed decisions to be made on selective dry cow therapy, saving considerable sums on antibiotic treatment.

3. Fewer cows with subclinical mastitis will contribute to lower bulk milk somatic cell counts and help ensure penalties are avoided and quality incentive bonus payments are realised.

4. In the new lactation, screening animals treated with dry cow therapy to identify those that have cured and those that are chronically infected, and potentially therapy-resistant.

5. As a broader consequence of having contagious mastitis under control, a healthier herd will produce greater volumes of better quality milk and be more productive for a longer time period.

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